50 Favourite Folk Hymns – 3CDs

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The Kevin Mayhew hymn writers have contributed thousands of new songs to the worldwide Church for over 40 years. Here are wonderful recordings of the 50 most popular – a reminder as to why they go on being sung in every nation and every land.

The Kevin Mayhew WritersMike Anderson, Patrick Appleford, John Ballentine, Mary Barrett, Sandra Joan Billington, Eileen Binding, Michael Cockett, Madeleine Cuddy, Keith Duke, Michael Forster, John Glynn, Peter Gonsalves, Ronald Green, Andrew Grinnell, Susie Hare, Jean Holloway, Francesca Leftley, Damian Lundy, Robin Mann, Gerard Markland, Kevin Mayhew, Christine McCann, Colin Murphy, Aniceto Nazareth, Kevin Nichols, David Palmer, Hubert J. Richards, Christopher Tambling, Estelle White and James Wright.

Beautifully sung bySean David, Sian Fawcett, Melissa Hollick, Michael Humphrey, Paul Kelly and Cate Mellor.