Chewnoodle – Complete Set

Chewnoodle – Complete Set Price: $47.55 (as of 09/09/2018 22:46 PST- Details)


A practical and convenient oral tool that aids in chewing self-regulation and jaw muscle strengthening. The tube is attached to a lightweight aluminum carabiner that can be clipped onto a shirt, belt loop, or strap for easy access and to reduce the risk of being dropped or lost. Includes one of each Chewnoodle listed: Basic Chewnoodle (SN31882CQ), Bumpy Chewnoodle Blue (SN31884CQ) and Red (SN31885CQ), and Super Chewnoodle (SN31883CQ). Made of FDA-approved silicone. 8″ x -1/2″ dia. Nontoxic.