Gaylord Archival® 3 mil Archival Polyester Newspaper Preservation Sleeves (5-Pack) Price: $24.99 (as of 09/09/2018 19:15 PST- Details)


Newspapers record some of our most important personal and collective events and achievements, yet they’re very susceptible to damage and deterioration. Newspapers contain lignin, so simply exposing them to air and light can quickly turn them yellow. Storing newspapers folded can also cause permanent damage, so these sleeves are sized to store various types of newspapers without folding. Protect your valued memories and historical records for future generations with these archival-quality sleeves from Gaylord Archival, the same sleeves used by leading cultural institutions. Store one newspaper section in each sleeve and place in a Newspaper Preservation Box from Gaylord Archival (sold separately) to minimize exposure to air and light.