Geometric Snowflakes USPS Forever Stamps

Geometric Snowflakes USPS Forever Stamps Price: $9.42 (as of 09/09/2018 20:08 PST- Details)


Celebrate the joys of a winter snowfall with Geometric Snowflakes, four colorful new stamps from the U.S. Postal Service. Each of the four stamps depicts a different snowflake. When it snows, untold millions of ephemeral ice crystals form unique patterns that are as stunning in their complexity as they are fleeting. This infinite variety inspired the designers to experiment with different graphic shapes. Each snowflake is drawn in one of four colors: purple, pink, green, or blue. Applying light and dark shades of color enhanced the intricate geometry of each flake and added a feeling of playfulness to the stamp art. These bright, cheerful stamps are sure to add a whimsical splash to holiday cards, thank-you notes, invitations, greeting cards, and any mailing that calls for a touch of warmth during the coldest months of the year.