Levenhuk LabZZ MTB3 Microscope & Telescope & Binoculars Kit

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Levenhuk LabZZ MTB3 Microscope & Telescope & Binoculars Kit Three-in-one kit: microscope, telescope and binoculars
A perfect gift for a young scientist
Over 20 accessories in the kit
The microscope is supplied with tools for conducting experiments
The telescope is great for both astronomical and terrestrial observations
Soft pouch for storing binoculars is already included in the kit The microscope comes with:
10x eyepiece
Spare bulb
Empty flask (3 pcs)
Blank slides (3 pcs)
Cover slips (3 pcs)
Slide stickers (3 pcs)
Dissecting needle The telescope comes with:
5mm eyepiece
10mm eyepiece
2x optical finder
Diagonal mirror
Aluminum tripod The binoculars come with:
Soft pouch
Cleaning wipe
Thin strap Telescope specifications:
Optical design: refractor
Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm: 50
Focal length, mm: 600
Magnification, x: 60-120
Focal ratio: f/12
Eyepieces: 5 mm, 10 mm
Finderscope: optical, 2x
Tripod: aluminum
Tripod height (adjustable), in: 2.6-4.5
Mount: AZ Microscope specifications:
Head: monocular
Optics material: optical plastic
Magnification, x: 150-900
Eyepieces: 10x
Objectives: 15x, 45x, 90x
Revolving nosepiece: 3 objectives
Focus: coarse
Illumination: incandescent lamp, mirror
Power supply: 2 AA batteries Binoculars specifications:
Magnification, x: 6
Type: roof
Optics material: optical glass
Optics coating: anti-reflective
Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm: 21
Focusing: central
Body material: plastic