Olympus DM-901 Voice Recorder with 4 GB Built-In-Memory

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Olympus DM-901 Voice Recorder with 4 GB Built-In-Memory

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4gb built in memory (max. recording time approx. 850 hours
Linear PCM / MP3 / WMA recording options
5 folders, 999 files per folder + max. 6,000 music folders


Compatible With Smartphones Along With Advanced Wi-Fi Capability

The new DM-901 is equipped for the first time ever with Wi-Fi capabilities, which enables a totally new recording style. You can link the recorder to a smartphone as a remote control to start recording as well as paste images taken with a smartphone camera into the recorded data.

Remote Control By Smartphone

At events such as seminars and lectures where there is distance from the speaker, you can still achieve the clearest recordings. Set the recorder close to the speaker and use the available app to control the recorder from a distance You can start and stop the recording from a distance so you only capture the content you need.

Use Photos From Your Smartphone As A Visual Index

Images taken by your smartphone’s camera during recording can be used as a visual index by linking them to the timeline. The visual index makes it easier for you to search or manage your recording than relying simply on audio and text. Recorded files and visual indexes linked to the files can be easily uploaded to Dropbox through a smartphone and accessed with a web browser.

Highest Quality Recording

48KHZ/16BIT Linear PCM Recording

Three different recording formats can be chosen to record and playback with the DM-901: The linear PCM format employs a sampling rate of 48 kHz to surpass even CD-quality audio; extreme versatility is guaranteed by recording in MP3 format; and WMA format combines high quality in a more compact size file.

The Zoom Microphone Mode Makes It Possible To Focus On A Voice That Is Far Away

The latest directivity control technology has been used to make it possible to switch direction with the “+” and “-” buttons. It provides value by zooming in on audio sources when recording a discussion or lecture from a distant position or when recording in an environment in which there is a lot of ambient sound. The new zoom microphone mode adjusts the recording level higher according to the zoom.

A Dragon NaturallySpeaking “5 Dragon” Rating

The DM-901 was awarded five Dragons, for high recognition when using Dragon NaturallySpeaking software from Nuance Communications, Inc. Dragon automatically turns your speech into text and can make virtually any computer task easier and faster. For more information visit Nuance’s website.

A Rich Array Of Playback Functions

Write Meeting Minutes Efficiently With Voice Playback

By using the Voice Playback function, the recorder skips the non-voice, dead air parts of the recording and only plays back parts where there is sound. For example, if 70% of the recording is conversation, a one-hour recording can be shortened to approximately 40 minutes. This allows more efficient transcription of your recordings.

Voice Balancer

When recording meetings in large rooms, the recording levels of each sound tends to vary due to different distances and positional relationships with respect to sound sources. Even in these cases, the Voice Balancer function adjusts the volume levels of all speakers to a certain level so that it is more clear to hear.

Noise-Cancellation For Clear Playback Quality

The noise-cancellation function powerfully reduces unwanted ambient noise such as air-conditioner noise or projector fan noise and enables clear playback quality. The function is very effective when playing back meeting recordings.

Recording Hours And Battery Life

The DM-901 offers 850 hours of recording time and an impressive 29 hours of battery life.


Two-Inch Large Color LCD

The high definition two-inch color LCD provides greater resolution and contrast ratio than the average black and white display of conventional voice recorders, and the visibility of the screen is much clearer. Also, the color-coded information has improved the visibility and functionality.

Scene-Select For Fail-Safe Recording

By simply selecting from the recording menu, you can set the optimum recording settings according to the scenes. Anyone can easily make fail-proof, high-quality recordings, even in a situation requiring quick response. The DM-901 also has a dedicated function button, making it even easier and quicker to select a scene.

Olympus Sonority Software

Olympus Sonority is a leading editing and management software application that manages and enables anybody to simply enjoy sound creation. This encompasses everything from simple waveform editing at a glance to six-channel, multi-track editing and seven kinds of one-touch sound effects.

The Main Features:

  • Internal Memory: 4GB
  • External Memory : SD (up to 64GB)
  • Recording Format: PCM/MP3/WMA
  • Max. Recording Time: 850 hours
  • Battery Required: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Wi-fi connect
  • Zoom Microphone
  • Recording Scene Select
  • Voice Playback
  • Voice Balancer
  • Index Marks: Up to 99
  • Calendar Search

The DM-901 Box Contents Include:

  • Instruction manual
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • AC adaptor
  • Canal earphones
  • USB Cable
  • Editing/management software (Olympus Sonority)

Optional Accessories:

  • ME12 unidirectional mono microphone
  • ME15 omnidirectional mono tie-pin microphone
  • ME33 boundary microphone
  • ME34 compact zoom microphone
  • ME51SW stereo microphone
  • ME52W unidirectional mono microphone
  • TP8 telephone pickup microphone
  • KA333 Connecting cord
  • CS147 Soft case

4gb built in memory (max. recording time approx. 850 hours
Linear PCM / MP3 / WMA recording options
5 folders, 999 files per folder + max. 6,000 music folders
Color LCD screen
Wi-Fi Smartphone compatible