Oxford Dictionary of English

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The pop-up prehensive single-volume dictionaryProduct InformationSerious writers don’t just consult Webster’s when they have questions aboutspelling or word meaning. They head to the Oxford English Dictionary theEnglish language’s authoritative source.The New Oxford Dictionary of English is Oxford’s most prehensivesingle-volume dictionary. Its dramatically fresh and different approach focuseson English as it is really used today. Containing 350000 words phrases anddefinitions the dictionary offers unrivalled coverage of current English at theclick of a mouse. New instant lookup from your web browser allows you to move your cursor over aword on your web page and the entry is instantly displayed in a pop-up window.The Dictionary automatically installs on your hard-drive and runs in thebackground—ready for whenever you need it. After you have this dictionary at your disposal you’ll wonder how you everperformed your writing and research without it.Product Features 350000 words phrases and definitions Instant lookup in pop-up window Ready whenever you need it The iFinger engine is user-friendly and unobtrusive. It runs seamlessly in the background when you start Windows. When activated simply point your cursor over a word i your Web browser and the results from the quick reference will appear instantly in a pop-up window. (You can also double-click or configure a custom hot key.) The pop-up window gives you a summary of the plete listing – hit the down arrow and the rest of the information appears instantly in the article window. You can then copy information from the listing to any Windows application.System Requirements Windows 95 98 Me 2000 XP Pentium 166MHz or higher processor 32MB of RAM 20MB free hard disk space 256-color SVGA display CD-ROM drive Inter Explorer 5.0+ Printer Keyboard Mouse Inter access to register