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Add a touch of classic style to your study or living area with the Pioneer 12-inch Diam. Tabletop Globe. This handsome globe features a full gyromatic meridian with a mounting that swings up and down for easy viewing from any angle. A raised-relief surface offers clear notation of mountain ranges, while simple, easy-to-read text accurately notates thousands of place names. Land formations are set against traditional light blue oceans, and feature bright, varied colors that denote countries, regions, states, and other current political borders. Finally, the globe is set in a sturdy metal base with a gold-tone finish that completes its traditional look.   About Replogle Globes A unique product. A unique company. A unique story. From the humble beginning in a Chicago apartment, Replogle today is the world’s largest globe manufacturer. Their expert cartographers and craftsmen ensure the most accurate information and attention to detail on every globe they produce. From handcrafted masterpieces in the offices of presidents and dignitaries to classroom models that help students understand their world, our belief in the globe as a source of wonder hasn’t changed. Proud to carry the label ”Made in the U.S.A.,” Replogle celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2005. 12-inch diameter; 17-inch height. Light blue oceans with richly-colored countries. Metal base with a gold-tone finish. Gyromatic meridian for easy viewing and locating. Raised-relief surface clearly denotes mountain ranges. Classic style suited to many venues. Shows U.S. states and current political borders.
This 12-inch political, raised-relief globe is a beautiful addition to any classroom or home, and is perfect for the young scholar or geography buff. The globe has a numbered meridian, and tilts and spins for easy location of countries, oceans, and other geographical features. It is mounted on gold, die-cast metal. The political borders are colorfully marked, and the oceans are well detailed to include temperature and current flow. Replogle will provide updates, making the Pioneer Globe ideal for students working on social studies or geography projects. But it is handsome enough to be a treasured item at home as well. –Heather Hawkins, mother of 2-year-old Duncan, is a 10-year veteran teacher of the arts and a professional actor and director.
12-inch diameter; 17-inch height
Light blue oceans with richly-colored countries
Metal base with a gold-tone finish
Gyromatic meridian for easy viewing and locating
Raised-relief surface clearly denotes mountain ranges