Salter Brecknell Electro Samson 99lb. Scale

Salter Brecknell Electro Samson 99lb. Scale Price: $99.00 (as of 09/09/2018 19:04 PST- Details)


“Salter Brecknell 99lb. ElectroSamson Digital Hand Held Fish Scale. This is a professional grade scale, do not confuse with other models being sold. A modern scale offering all the qualities of a traditional hanging balance with the simplicity, convenience and accuracy of digital operation. Large easy to read LCD display. “Hold” feature for one person operation on heavier loads. A robust, compact and lightweight (0.95 lb/430 g) portable scale. A carrying pouch is supplied for protection when not in use. This scale is perfect for competition, pleasure angler & game hunter.”